[5:18 PM] Sallyh: Did a cool speed run with a (mostly) russian pug for the t1 abyss. The whole thing only took 1h, no wipes. I was able to pay attention at some details I didn't see before. We had a burg and he was able to land FM's on the taskmasters, even though they are immune to stuns etc. Could be something to consider for t2. The source of the green puddles (as well the silences) seems to be the defilers. I think I saw one of them "throwing" a puddle. Good news is defilers are vulnerable to CC. They had a pretty different strategy for the last boss and even though I think our strategy is overall better, theirs might have some implications to consider on the t2 fight, which I don't know yet. At the start, they had everyone stand at the center of the area and just range tank the boss and let ranged dps do the damage. Only source of damage this way seem to be the burning ground which is easy to dodge. This is safer than what we do, but slower. Switching to this could be a good way to make everyone get used to avoid the fire. When the adds spawn, they would let melee deal with adds while ranged take care of statues. Again, this is worse than what we do (keeping adds alive) imo, but could come in hand on t2 if the adds spawns are timed. When the boss was free, they would once again stay very far away from the boss (except tank) and let ranged dps kill it. When the boss turns, he breathes fire on the group and they would move to dodge even though who didn't move wouldn't take any damage. I'm not sure why they do it this way and our method seems strickly better, but it's an alternative in case we can't survive standing too close to the boss at t2(edited)

[2:49 PM] Sallyh: Like I said, you are most likely a better tank than me, just need more experience on this specific fight. The group also gonna get better with time and you'll survive easier. Remember that I was dying while tanking at saturday like you were yesterday. Gear: Vitality is the most important stat. Max hit he is going to do is ~120k considering fire-lore and everything we can do up all the time. If you have 170k morale unbuffed that should be enough to survive unless the heals are small, I usually have 2 minis on my group. Inc heals: Like I said, i like some but going full vitality can be even better, not sure since i never tried. I never payed attention if you can get enough defeat events to keep the inc healing buff up, so if you can't I'd say slotting some inc heals would be important (~15%) Bpe is useless after he transforms his debuff, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do critical hits so crit def is useless. Finesse: I run 57k since I need to help with corruptions to make the fight end quickly and I hate when I miss grave wound. When I miss the 1st it can mean a raid wipe. Fear resist legacy: It's actually really good to have the +70% fear resist from muster on this fight since if you miss the timing to remove the LoE debuff you'll probably resist and so is most of your fellows. You also need sometimes to use muster to remove wounds if pots are on cooldown and the fear resist can save your life. If you get hit by the boss with the debuff on you you'll most likely die. Consumables: Come to the raid with a stack of fear pots and at least 75 wound pots. Wound pots need to be used so muster can be saved to the fear. I muster exactly when the lights disappear to get the debuff out the instant you get it. Sometimes i miss and so I have the fear pot ready if the resist fails. Battle tonics are great for keeping yourself into hardened mode while removing corruptions faster.(edited)

[2:52 PM] Sallyh: Skills rotations and such: Already said something about it with muster. it's possible to keep aggro all the time even if the guard doesn't tank first but you need perfect timing. Shout during the 1st seconds of dps and follow the standard rotation. If you don't have enough finesse, though, there are bigger chances you miss grave wound and then it's a complete mess. You can use Brother's Call and Banner during the first tiers of the debuff to help out your healers. FW at end the end of t4 (or during t5 if you feel you can take it) and then SoD after a few seconds of t6. After you get the bpe debuff, just keeping cycling buffs while saving SoD and Last Stand to desperate moments. During corruption periods, don't rush Blade of Elendil, but don't miss it either and keep pushing sure strike so battle shout resests faster and you can elendil again. I like saving Rallying Cry for after wages of fear if possible. If i get lucky i can crit for 35k helping the dps to get their morale up again.

Sal's tips for t2 Abyss (in progress) The banners at the start are associated with the quest you get from the npc. Every time you get to a checkpoint during the raid, the quest will progress and a new banner will pop up at the entrance. Group 1 (1 taskmaster) Wait for the taskmaster to come near the stairs and the tank pull him. Make sure to face him away from the group. Tank (or offtank) should grab adds when they spawn. This adds disappear shortly after the taskmaster is dead. The taskmaster is immune to CC, but not to FM's. Group 2 (Overseer and other adds) This group is actually possible to skip. Deal with group 3 first. Group 3 (2 Taskmaster) They will be at the right of the stairs. Tank pulls them from range, carefully to not aggro group 2. Kill them at the stairs, the same way group 1 was dealt with. After they're dead, jump from the stairs at right and hug the wall, passing near group 2 but without aggroing it. Group 4 (2 Taskmasters) They will roam through the hall and can, sometimes, be fight separately. Just be careful to not aggro group 5 along with them. When both are dead, move to the center of the hallway to deal with group 5. Group 5 (Captain, Overseer, Defiler and other adds) Defiler throws a debuff puddle at someone that will also periodically give a silence effect to anyone standing on it. He should be mezzed through the whole fight and killed last. If one of the minis get silenced, he can use Cry of the Chorus to remove and gain silence immunity for 20 secs. Both Captain and Overseer buff other mobs. Captain has a more dangerous buff, so the offtank should pull him away from the rest of the mobs which are being held by the main tank. Kill order here is Overseer, then Adds, then Captain, then the mezzed Defiler. Group 6 (Captain, Overseer, Defiler, Taskmaster and other adds) This pull is harder than the previous because of the Taskmaster. Again, the defiler must be mezzed during the whole fight and killed last. Tank will grab everything but defiler and Taskmaster (offtank will hold this one). It's a rough pull with big incoming damage to the main tank. Kill order is: Overseer (to remove the damage reduction buff), Captain (to remove the positional damage buff), other adds, Taskmaster and defiler. Group 7 (?) This group is way easier than the previous but also easy to skip. The raid should jump down and trigger the Black Pits checkpoint. After the raid wipe, everyone retreats and take the flag at the start to be teleported after group 7. Group 8 (?) This group can also be skipped. Before the room they're at, the raid should take the path on left and hug the wall to not fall down. Groups 9 and 10 (?) Skipping strategy again. Group 9 can be dodged by taking a hidden path on the right. For Group 10, all damage reduction on the tank while he runs and aggro both groups. Captains go into Last Stand. Everyone runs together. The objective is to reach The Screaming Deeps checkpoint. After that, the raid can use the flag to teleport there, past The Black Pits groups. Group 11 (Watcher) Watcher works in a similar way to the last SS boss, which means he will sometimes spawn a morale damage puddle under the person he is attacking or he is going to give a purple eye to someone near him at random which also spawns the puddle when it expires. He also has a LoE debuff aura (-10), so make sure everyone in the raid has 210+ light. This pull is pretty easy, wait until he comes to the middle of the stairs and kill. He will sometimes fear the raid members. Group 12 (Ritualist, Warrior, Assassin, other adds) This is also a fairly easy pull. Assassin deal a lot of damage and can't be controlled by the tanks, so they should be mezzed and killed last to protect the squishy members. Warrior is the priority here due to the reflect if you have champs on the raid. The reflect can be canceled by removing his corruptions. Ritualist reflects tactical/ranged damage when they get a corruption effect, so the corruption should be removed as soon as ip pops up. Between the ritualist and his devoteds it doesn't seem to matter which one you target since all their damage is shared. They also have (pretty much all the group really) random aggro. After the adds are down, some spirits will be up. They will have a corruption and when they go invisible they do an aura damage and become immune to damage, so everyone should step away from them until they come back to their visible form. After they're down, kill the mezzed assassin. Group 13 (Watcher, Ritualist, Warrior, Assassins, other adds) This pull is much tougher than the previous ones since it combines both. Keep both assassins mezzed at the start of the fight. The guardian should pull the group and run all the way back to the end of stairs (near the place where you come from the flag) where everyone should be waiting for him, but 3 people. The offtank should single pull the Watcher and tank him on the bridge, where you have plenty of space to move during puddle spawning. A mini should stay with the offtank to keep him up while the other mini should be responsible to heal the other 9 people downstairs. The burg can just sit on the group initial room to keep the assassins mezzed. The fact that the raid is split in 3 groups (9members + offtank/mini + burg) staying far away from each other means the adds have to run all the way during their random aggro moments, reducing the incoming damage by a lot. The mini with the offtank can go downstairs to give a hand to the other mini when the offtank morale's up. When all the adds are down, kill the Watcher, the spirits and the mezzed assassins. Group 14 (Watcher, Ritualist, Assassins, other adds) Clear the room to the side, page room, easy pull to free up space to fight. Mezz the assassins and tank pulls everything to the page room. Offtank pulls the watcher away from the group (to the bridge). Have a healer assist him if needed. Follow the same strategy and kill order from Group 13. Boss 1 Each tank grabs a boss and keep them fairly distant so they lose their shield. Raid members spread out to avoid having too many blood spirits together. When those start inducting, anyone near must step away to not take damage. Bosses share damage, so dps should be all on the same target which should have captain's marks and burg's debuffs. When the devoteds come up during the fight, ignore them. When they reach the altar, they give the boss a +100% dmg buff, so the tanks need to save their cooldowns for those parts. When the first side boss spawns one of the tanks grab him, dps keeps hitting the main boss because we only have 10mins to kill them. The second side boss (spider) gets stuck on the other room with correct positioning so we don't have to deal with her. When the third side boss spawns, the other tank grabs him. Always moving when blood spirits do their inductions, then coming back to position after. During Silence moments, captain has to Fear Pot + Muster Courage and mini has to Cry of The Chorus + Story of Courage to remove their fellow's silence. Everyone should click their fear pot just to be safe. After the bosses were down, kill the side bosses, the trapped spider last. Group 15 (Watcher) Same as group 11, including waiting for him to come downstairs and don't aggro the other mobs. Group 16 (Overseer, wargs, other adds) Very simple pull. Kill order: Overseer, wargs, other adds. Group 17 (Overseer, wargs, other adds) Same as group 16. Group 18 (Defiler, Overseer, wargs, other adds) Wait for the patrolling Taskmaster to walk away and mezz the defiler. Same kill order as group 16, then kill the mezzed defiler. Group 19 (Taskmaster) Same as group 1. Group 20 (Watcher, 2 Taskmasters) Offtank pulls Watcher all the way downstairs, while the main tank grabs both taskmasters. This will make the Watcher run for a while when he does his random attacks. A healer can follow the offtank to keep him up. When both taskmasters are down, the group kills the watcher. Boss 2 Main tank (usually cappy) grabs the boss and tank him far from the smoke where he spawns. Tank's back should be to the smoke while everyone else but the offtank is behind the boss. Initially, the boss will build up a mitigation debuff that tiers up. Use the big skills to keep the tank alive during that. When the boss gets corruptions he takes -70% damage. Those should be removed as soon as possible. When the mitigation debuffs stop, the boss puts another debuff that makes the tank unable to BPE. That's why high morale builds work better here. Meanwhile, adds will periodically come from the smoke and should be grabbed by the offtank (usually guard) and tanked away from the group but within heals range. They will have a corruption (big aura damage) that needs to be removed by the offtank and that will come back periodically. The offtank should keep tabbing through the adds and remove their corruptions, while dps stay on the main boss. Everyone should face the boss at all times, otherwise one of his special skills will do huge damage, usually fatal. He will place a double damage wound randomly on fellows from time to time, use skills and pots to remove those. When he does an animation that looks like starts falling around him, minis should hit Story of Courage, captains Muster Courage and burgs Burg's Antidote to remove a huge LoE (-500, not a typo!) debuff from their groups. Ideally, this fear debuffs must be removed immediately after they come down, otherwise it's too much damage. With some practice you can use your aoe debuff removal exactly when the LoE debuff hits. The fight starts becoming a heavy dps race as more and more adds come to the guardian, so make sure the dps gear is up there. Low morale guardian works well as the corruptions deal morale based damage. Group composition needs to find the right balance between dealing as much damage as possible, while healing the huge incoming damage both tanks get and corruption removals. When the main boss is at surrender point, the npc should be fully healed up. Some groups like using a beorn as the 3rd or 4th healer due to his aoe healing. Other groups like to assign 1 mini with 3 BB teal jewelery pieces (10% chance to heal 10% morale of the target on any heal) since the npc has 34M morale (each time it procs it's a 3.4M heal, not too bad). If you fully heal the npc and force the surrender within 10 secs you get the challenge. Possible exploit: Someone (mini works well) stands just outside the smoke that comes up at the entrance when the fight starts. This will make the adds aggro on him (most of the time, not all of them) and the group bring the boss all the way to the back of the hallway (near the pitfall) and fight there. Group 21 (Kingsguard, other adds) Offtank pulls Kingsguard, tank pulls everything else. This will allow the adds to be cc'ed. After the adds are down, kill the kingsguard. He will, sometimes put a mark on whoever has aggro that will heal him as he attacks. Either kite him or have the other tank pull him. Group 22 (Kingsguard, rune-carvers, other adds) Same as last pull, except rune-carvers must be killed first since they are more dangerous. Group 23 (Kingsguard, rune-carvers, other adds) Same as group 22. Boss 3 (no challenge) Everyone stay away from the boss to range tank and dps him until he is free. Getting close means a huge distributed damage attack. Keep an eye for fireballs he can throw that leave a damage fire puddle on the ground, move away from those. Captains get their marks and buffs/debuffs without getting close. Burgs need to be really careful when they approach to debuff. When the adds come up, support classes CC them as much as possible while everyone else kills the statues. After that, kill the adds. When the boss is free, the tank grabs him while everyone else stands at the side of the boss without getting too close. Watch out for the roof drops and move away from circles to not take huge morale damage. Remove corruptions from the boss as soon as they come up. When the boss turns to aim a fire breath at someone step to the sides to dodge. Don't ever get under him, stay grouped up by the side as far as possible. When his morale is low the dwarf king will revive and the tank should grab him. The boss must be killed within 25mins, otherwise he gets a big enrage debuff, making the fight almost impossible. Make sure you team have a nice dps setup. Make sure you replace debuffs every time his morale bar goes green if they disappear.